Big number factor

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The whole report about this project can be find in my github.

In this project, we devide a big(432 digitals) number into 14 factors using 12 algorithms. The algorithms include Pollard rho algorithm、Pollard p-1 algorithm and so on which are super outstanding algorithm for factor big numbers.

Actually, the algorithms above are not totally suitable in this case. So we anaylsis the advantage and disadvatage for this algorithms,

After we compare the algorithms, we do some experiments for testing and try to divide the original big number. And finally, the processing progess is shown as follows:

The final result (numbers )is show that.

By the way, this project is a national competition , “The 3-th National Cryptography Math Challenge“, which is held by Chinese academy of science and topsec. I am super honor to take part in and enjoy the whole progress.