Modify Teneary Search algorithm

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The more details (code and paper) are demonstrated on my github.

In this project, we modify the ternary search algorithm which is a finding the minimun or maximim method for a unimodal function. We introduce a scaling factor to optimize the original ternary search algorithm and the search time iteration times will sigificantly reduce. We use the method to solve the shortest distance between any two points on the sylinder surface. In the beginning, we propose a method to optimize the original teneray search algorithm. The optimize algotithm is shown as follows:

The speed comparsion of the optimize method and the original method is shown as follows:

After our proposed method, we also implement this method to deal with an application, the shortest distance between any two points on the sylinder surface.

So we can get the object function, and the constraints.

We also do some simulations about our method, the result demonstrate that our method is much more powful than the original method and GA (genetic algorithm).

At last, we also talk about some applications in surgery field.

Actually, when I see back about this project, I think this work can be finished much more better than the current one. Like doing more survey in this domian , comparing with much more model. That is a little pitty about this work. Cause in unimodal function. in my opinion, it might be nice method to find max or min value. However, before going to NTU, I do not realize the things mentioned above.